Despite the characters that we have already seen so far in Inazuma, there’s still more to come. Genshin Impact has slowly been drip-feeding information about upcoming characters, including Kuki Shinobu. Unlike most characters though, she’s likely coming soon and will be a great support unit.

Kuki Shinobu is an Inazuma character is thought to look like a young child and a four-star. She is currently set to be an electro character and is believed to be another catalyst. This is still up for debate, as Yae is likely a catalyst herself, and Lisa already fills the four-star role for an electro catalyst.

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She is already mentioned in several characters’ voice lines, and it’s confirmed that she watches over Arataki Itto. Shinobu is supposed to have a more serious personality more akin to Sara or Yae. She is likely the only reason while Itto is allowed to roam free in the streets.

When will Kuki Shinobu’s banner release?

Shinobu is likely coming out alongside Yae Miko, which puts her releasing in version 2.5. This is further supported by information pointing towards her being a support character for Yae. She was once thought to be a dendro character, so this can change at any time.

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