Kel is Leah’s ex who will appear during Leah’s eight and 10 heart events. Kel will match the player’s gender and they will be mentioned a few times before they appear in the game. They’re really just a minor character who acts as a competitor for Leah’s heart.

When does Kel appear in Stardew Valley?

Kel’s appearances:

  • Leah’s four heart event: Leah will be arguing with Kel on the phone. Kel wants Leah to come back to the city.
  • Leah’s eight heart event: Kel will appear depending on what the player told Leah to do with her art.
    • If the player told Leah earlier to put on an art show, Kel is seen standing to the side as the scene fades.
    • If the player had told her to sell her art online, Leah will remark that a “Mr. K.” is buying all of her artwork.
  • Leah’s 10 heart event: Kel interrupts the romantic picnic between Leah and the player. After Kel arrives, they will try to persuade Leah to return to Zuzu City and continue their relationship. Leah will refuse since Kel never cared about her art until she became successful. The player will then be given an option to punch Kel.

Should you punch Kel in Stardew Valley?

Either way, someone is going to punch Kel. Whether you do or don’t do it, Leah will say it was pretty violent, but if you don’t do it, Leah will punch Kel. It doesn’t matter what you choose, Leah will say the picnic didn’t end as she’d hoped.

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