Overwatch has built a compelling story over the past few years, and there is one thing that helps to push that story further still: the large and ever-growing cast of characters. One of the most notable additions to Overwatch 2 is a new original character, Junker Queen. Here is everything you need to know about Junker Queen, including who she is and what her ability kit is like.

Everything to know about Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Who is Junker Queen in Overwatch 2?

Junker Queen, whose real name is Odessa “Dez” Stone, is a Wastleander who was abandoned in the Outback of Australia. She is the Queen of Junkertown, from which she derives her name. She won the Throne from the old Junker King, Mason Howl, in a free-for-all brawl. She has been mentioned within Overwatch lore before when Junkrat and Roadhog were kicked out of Junkertown by the Junker Queen. However, this is the first time players will actually get to lay their eyes on her and play her as a hero. You can find out more about Junker Queen in The Wastlander Animated Short, and you can view her origin story below.

Junker Queen’s Abilities in Overwatch 2, explained

Junker Queen fills the Tank role in Overwatch 2. She is a very in-your-face brawler-type tank as opposed to a more reserved and defensive one. Below, we go over her weapon and her ability kit.


  • Primary Fire – A short-range shotgun that holds six rounds and can be fired semi-automatically.
  • Secondary Fire – A jagged blade, that can be used as a melee weapon or can be thrown at foes. It can be recalled back to her if thrown. The thrown blade will also apply a bleeding effect to characters hit with it.


  • Axe Swing – Junker Queen will pull out her large axe and swing it in front of her, dealing a large amount of damage to everything in the way.
  • Unnamed Ability – She also has another ability that has yet to be revealed by Blizzard. It looks as though it may be a magnetic pull ability using her gauntlet. This ability could pull in enemies around her and bring them in closer for an axe swing or shotgun blast.


  • Rampage – Junker Queen will create a whirlwind of metal around her with her magnetic gauntlet. She will then lunge forward and damage everyone in her path. Hitting enemies will also apply a debuff to them, making them unable to heal for a short while.

If you are interested in seeing Junker Queen in action, check out her Deep Dive reveal below.

Players who are excited to try their hand at Junker Queen can do so in the PC and Console Beta test on June 28, 2022.

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