Despite what many may think, there is deep lore in Apex Legends and an ongoing story. Much of this is drawn from the Stories from the Outlands trailers. One nugget of story that has been hinted at numerous times is Jackson which may leave fans wondering who Jackson is in Apex Legends.

Lt. Jackson Williams is one of Anita Williams, Bangalore’s, older brothers. Both Williams siblings served in the IMC, and their story is furthered in the Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron. Jackson decides to retreat from this grueling battle during this trailer, taking his sister with him.

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Upon waking from an injury, Bangalore contacts the IMC, resulting in a fight where she eventually kills the Pilot. This showcases Bangalore’s strength and love of her family and gives fans a deeper look into her character.

Despite this, Jackson’s status is currently unknown. The wiki lists him as MIA and mentions that Bangalore still believes that he is alive. Until more information is known, fans have to go on this. You can check out the Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron below.

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