Genshin Impact has a deep and rich story filled with interesting lore. Its story spreads across the game and the official manga, which can be found on the website. There are numerous characters in this universe, including Collei. Unfortunately, Collei is not in the game, so some players may be wondering who she is.

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Collei is only present in the manga and not in the game. Collei is a short girl with light green hair and purple eyes. She has the power of an archon but lacks control, making her dangerous to be around. She gained this power from experiments done on her as a child.

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It was Barnabas who experimented on her with Archon Residue with the help of Harbinger Dottore. As a child, Collei was sick, and her parents gave her to Barnabas, hoping that he would save her. Due to this, she is on a quest for vengeance against those who experimented on her.

Collei is not currently playable in the game, but this may change in the future as miHoYo adds new characters and new regions. If you want to learn more about Collei, check out the official manga on Genshin Impact’s website!

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