With the ever-expanding cast of Genshin Impact, players can’t help but wonder when the first dendro character will drop. Not much is known about the seventh element outside of the burn reaction. Baizhu is the first dendro character’s players could actually meet in the game but plays a very small role in the story.

Baizhu runs the clinic in Liyue and is Qiqi’s caretaker. He shows up during the Liyue story and again in the Serenitea Pot quest. He is shown wearing a dendro vision, but there is never any indication given as to what type of weapon he may use. The lore does seem to point towards the fact that he’s physically weak, so a catalyst is likely.

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Baizhu also comes with a unique companion named, Changsheng. Changsheng is the white snake who’s curled around his neck, and she is able to communicate verbally much like a human.

When will Baizhu’s banner release?

Baizhu is likely going to be the first dendro character made playable and is suspected to be a five-star. He’s expected to release along with The Chasm or in the update that takes place directly before Sumeru is released. If you’re a Baizhu fan, then the earliest you should expect to see him is version 2.6.

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