Genshin Impact is a world that is filled to the brim with lore, so it’s not surprising that things can get a bit confusing. The lore of Inazuma is especially dicey, as much of it is shown in quick cutscenes or placed in books. One of the region’s most confusing topics is the electro archon Baal.

Baal is the name you hear throughout the Inazuma story and is the supposed electro archon. When you get into the Inazuma late game, you learn that the Raiden Shogun you’ve met isn’t Baal but Beezlebub

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Baal, who went by Makoto, and Beezlebub, who went by Ai, are a pair of sisters who worked together to take care of Inazuma. In fact, when Makoto took the electro throne, it was because Ai sacrificed her own body. The one that players see is created in Makoto’s own image to resurrect her sister.

What Happened to Baal/Makoto?

Sadly, Makoto was killed during the attack onKhaenri’ah that occurred 500 years before the Traveler met Paimon. Afterward, Ai took the place of her sister without anyone realizing it. The two sisters made the other archons and humans believe that they were a single person, so Makoto’s death went unnoticed.

Makoto was quite different than Ai as she didn’t like war and wasn’t the fighter that her sister was. She was the original wielder of the Musou Isshin but used it as a symbol of peace rather than a weapon. After she was killed, Ai inherited the sword and turned it into the powerful item that it is today.

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