Each generation of Pokemon introduces new friends and foes. While he seems friendly and helpful, Arven from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may rely on us more than we think. Here’s what we know about this new character added to our favorite old series.

Arven, upperclassman and gifted cook, from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Arven is your senior at either Naranja or Uva academy, depending on whether you play Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. While he’s a great cook, he may not be the greatest Pokemon trainer. Arven will ask you to help him find Herba Mystica: rare ingredients guarded by Titan Pokemon. Titan Pokemon are larger and more powerful versions of regular Pokemon, such as Klawf. Arven will go with you on the hunt for these ingredients. If you defeat the Titan Pokemon and obtain the Herba Mystica, Arven will reward you with top-tier dishes that he cooks himself.

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