Tower of Fantasy’s 1.5 update has added a lot of new content to the game. This includes a new area, a new building mechanic, and the Artificial Island. This is where you can build various structures and customize them to your liking. This may leave you wanting to show off your Artificial Island and wondering who can access it in Tower of Fantasy.

Who can visit your Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy?

The only players who can come to your Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy other than yourself are your friends. This means that random players cannot simply come and go on your Artificial Island. Additionally, your friends can only come to your Artificial Island if you invite them.

This means you can keep your Artificial Island completely private unless you decide to let someone in. You are free to upgrade and work on your island until you are ready to show your friends. Though keep in mind, that this goes both ways, so you cannot view your friends’ islands until you are likewise invited.

Tower of Fantasy’s 1.5 update has added a lot to do in addition to the Artificial Island. This includes new recipes, quests, story elements, and so much more. So while it can be fun to expand your Artificial Island, don’t forget to check out the rest of the new content.

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