In Horizon Forbidden West, players will embark on a journey to the far west playing as the protagonist Aloy. Aloy was also the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds DLC. Aloy is also set to appear in the upcoming PlayStation VR2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain. Aloy is voiced by Ashly Burch and is modeled after Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra.

Who is Aloy?

Aloy is a member of the Nora Tribe, and serves as a Seeker and also one of the Nora Tribe’s Braves. In her first adventure, Aloy tries to uncover the mysteries of the machines and how the events of the past lead to the world she lives in. Aloy is agile and skilled with a bow. She is also known for her combat talents and high intelligence.

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Aloy was raised as an outcast of the Nora Tribe and earned her role through the events of the Proving. Once Aloy was anointed Seeker, she could travel the vast world outside of the Nora’s Sacred Land. Aloy’s ally and loyal companion, Erend, will also join her in her journey to the Forbidden West, though it is unknown how large of a role he will play in the upcoming game.

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