With Endwalker being the conclusion of a nearly decade-long story, there are many twists and turns to unfurl. There are several pivotal moments that see key Final Fantasy XIV characters finally meet their end. So, be warned, if you have yet to play the expansion and want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now.

There are several notable deaths in the Endwalker expansion. The first two are tied together as Fandaniel and Zodiark perish together. In a test of merit, Hydaelyn is mortally wounded by the Warrior of Light. Finally, after saving reality, the Warrior of Light does battle with Zenos and finally puts an end to him.

To see so many major characters meet their end took an emotional toll on the community. These are characters that some players had grown up with. To see them finally die was something else. Of course, the writing team at Square Enix could always decide to bring them back, but that would lessen the impact and significance of their deaths. But, for now, those four are the ones that perished and have stayed dead.

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