Genshin Impact fans are always eager to learn about what’s coming next. Knowledge of what characters or weapons will be featured on upcoming banners and when is always a sought after. While we have some clues as to who might be featured in the upcoming character or weapon banners in Version 3.2, we can not say anything definitive. Here is what we do know.

Which characters and weapons could be on Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Banners?

Genshin Impact’s Version 3.2 banners are currently unannounced and will likely not be announced until the live stream in several weeks. So, any information currently online regarding these banners is either a leak and therefore subject to change, or it is speculation based on how HoYoverse has released or structured banners in the past.

Drip marketing character art is generally HoYoverse’s way of giving players some forewarning of new characters that may be coming to the game in the near future. This week, drip marketing for Nahida, the catalyst-wielding Dendro Archon, and Layla, a new Cryo sword-user from Sumeru, was released on Genshin Impact’s Twitter account. They will likely both be featured on a character banner in Version 3.2.

Since Nahida is an Archon, it’s highly likely she will be a five-star character and could have a five-star catalyst designed just for her. If she is featured on an upcoming character banner, a catalyst designed for her would likely be featured on a weapon banner that runs alongside her character banner. Any prior released five-star characters that return on a character banner would likely have a five-star weapon suited for them on the weapon banner running alongside them as well.

What re-runs could be on Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Banners?

Re-runs are the hardest to predict. They are sometimes chosen due to a the fact that a character hasn’t been featured in some time. More frequently, characters are featured due to their presence in an event or the story line, like Xiao in Version 2.7.

Zhongli and Venti, other Archons, have recently had re-runs, so Raiden Shogun returning in the near future could be a possibility. Other five star characters that have not been featured recently include Childe and Hu Tao.

There have been some purported leaks of the upcoming Version 3.2 banners via @SaveYourPrimos. We advise that you take all banner leaks with a dose of skepticism, as leaks of upcoming banners have occasionally been incorrect in the past (like this one of Version 3.0’s character banners via r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks).

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