If you’ve been following the new Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate or the recent Asphaelodus Savage raids in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll have heard of TPS. TPS or Thoughts Per Second are a famous Static (raid team) that has claimed numerous world-first kills of raid bosses and world-first clears of fights in Final Fantasy XIV.

But the static is often quite hard to follow, owing to a simple reason: They don’t stream their raid progression. The team has several reasons for this, mainly a combination of not wanting to spoil the fights for other groups, and wanting to preserve their strategies. So what’s the best way to follow TPS?

How to follow TPS on Twitter

The simplest way to keep track of TPS is to follow their Free Company’s Twitter. Radiance is the Free Company that the majority of TPS members belong to. They’ve posted progress videos with spoiler videos during the majority of TPS’s recent raid races, so are a great source of info on the group.

Beyond this you can follow some of the individual members on Twitter. Below we’ve listed the current members of the lineup, with their Twitter linked.

Who is in TPS?

  • Sindalf Sindalf – Tank
  • Super Peasant – Tank
  • Kiona Lynaer – Healer
  • Ara Hoshzora – Healer
  • Shina Florem – Melee DPS
  • Phantom Assassin – Ranged DPS
  • Sfia Pirion – Ranged DPS
  • Mtlol Qt – Ranged DPS

TPS are perhaps the most dominant and prolific raid team in the history of Final Fantasy XIV. But their success hasn’t elevated them above the community, and you can frequently find the members helping out others clear Ultimates and Savage content on stream. 

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