There is a ton of lore in Genshin Impact, especially in the Liyue region. The region is rich with tales of old about Zhongli and the loyal Adepti that follow him. It can be a bit tough to keep up with all these supernatural entities, though, as Zhongli has amassed quite the army.

Adepti directly serve Zhongli, much like the Yaksha do, but are more or less minor gods. The Adepti made contracts with Zhongli to protect Liyue from any threats, which is highlighted at the end of Liyue’s story when the main city is attacked by Osail, who is subdued by the Jade Chamber.

While most Adepti reside in Jueyun Karst, Ganyu and Madame Ping can both be found in Liyue Harbor. Ganyu works as a secretary to help the government stay in order, while Madame Ping helps to look after the uncontracted half Illuminated beast, Yanfei.

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The Adepti that we currently know about:

  • Ganyu
  • Cloud Retainer
  • Skybracer (Deceased)
  • Madame Ping
  • Yanfei’s Father
  • Moon Carver
  • Mountain Shaper

Guoba, Xiao, and Guizhong all fall into different categories and are not part of the adepti. Shenhe is a human that was raised by Cloud Retainer and trained in Adeptal arts. Yanfei’s father is an Adeptus, but she did not follow in his footsteps and make a contract with Zhongli.

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