In Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, we are introduced to multiple new characters, all of which have their own personalities and agendas. There is one character, however, that has multiple personalities: The Daycare Attendant.

Sundrop and Moondrop are the unconfirmed alias names of The Daycare Attendant. More commonly, the two personalities are referenced as Sun and Moon. They both belong to the same character, but each of them have very different behaviors towards the player.

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Each personality comes out at specific points in the story or under specific conditions. When the lights are off, The Daycare Attendant acts as Moondrop, and relentlessly pursues the character to kill them like any other hostile animatronic. When the lights are on, Sundrop/Sun acts as a guide for the player, informing them of their remaining time and warning them against danger.

This character is the first of its type in the series, bringing an entirely new mechanic to the game that requires the player to be alert for moments when a good character could suddenly become bad. Players will need to take special care to avoid the conditions that might bring out Sundrop’s antagonist alternate personality.

Head towards the light!

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