Along with the replayability and potential loot that Destiny 2’s Strikes offer, some challenges accompany them. For example, one challenge requests that the player kill Fallen bosses within Strikes. A similar challenge exists for Cabal bosses, so for those wishing to farm out Cabal bosses, knowing where to find the bosses is step one.

Strikes that have Cabal bosses in Destiny 2

Unfortunately for those looking for variety in their runs, the list of Strikes with Cabal bosses is quite short, sporting only two entries. The two Strikes in question are The Arms Dealer and The Insight Terminus.

  • The Arms Dealer strike tasks players to track Bracus Zahn, a Cabal weapons dealer creating and distributing weapons to the Red Legion. This Strike is fairly easy but can take a long time to complete, and at the end you will be rewarded with a Cabal kill from the final boss Bracus Zahn himself. Be wary of the multitude of enemies with void and solar shields within the Strike, as this can be troublesome without some preparation.
  • As for The Insight Terminus, players must travel into the Vex machine under Nessus to intercept a Cabal expedition led by a Cabal Psion Flayer named Kargen the Technocrat. While Kargen can be challenging due to his huge health pool, his mechanics are fairly straightforward. The enemies in the rest of the Strike sport void shields only, making loadout choices much simpler than The Arms Dealer Strike.

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