Turbo Golf Racing features the game of golf, but instead of using clubs, you use rocket-powered cars. There are many cars to choose from, but when starting the game, you are offered a choice of three starter cars to choose from. This may leave you wondering which starter car you should choose in Turbo Golf Racing.

Best starter car in Turbo Golf Racing

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

You can choose between the Duty, Boombox, and Zoe starting cars in Turbo Golf Racing. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which car you choose as they are all the same stat-wise. You can simply choose based on which one’s appearance you like the most.

Seen Turbo Golf Racing was announced, fans have been divided on which car was the best, and the serious discussions began on the official Turbo Golf Racing beta. You gain access to an emoji and car-specific channels based on which car you choose. So remember, your choice will determine which car you support in the future!

That being said, once you choose a starter car, you can swap the body and change your car’s appearance. Additionally, you can change out nearly every aspect of your car and customize it how you see fit!

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