After much feedback from the community, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has decided to bring back skill-based matchmaking (SBMM). The announcement came in the TWAB for July 28, 2022, that Season 18 would see the return of the matchmaking system. While SBMM may be back, it’s not active in all modes and is implemented differently in one particular mode.

How to play SBMM in Destiny 2

Control has a Loose SBMM when compared to the other modes. This means that it has a wider starting skill similarity than modes like Survival and should result in matching with a wider variety of players. Bungie has stated that it will continue to tune just how loose the matchmaking is until they feel it is in a good spot. The plan is to bring it to other modes.

SBMM Modes

  • Elimination
  • Survival
  • Freelance Glory: Survival
  • Control

When it comes to matchmaking for PvP games and modes, two matchmaking methods are usually used. SBMM allows for “fairer” matches as all players have the same skill level. The downside is that sometimes it can take longer to find those players as the pools will be smaller. The other hindrance is connection. Just because a player has a similar skill level doesn’t mean their connection will be just as good, so things like lag and packet loss can negatively affect the match.

The other matchmaking type is Connection Based Matchmaking (CBMM). This method will prioritize the connection over everything else. This allows for a quicker and better quality match from a technical standpoint. However, the skill range can vary wildly and leads to a poor experience as higher-skilled players are matched against lower-skill players, and matches can feel either one-sided or that a player is doing all the work on their team.

What Bungie is attempting is a fine balancing act between connection and skill. It will take some time, but if they figure out the right formula, it can make for some highly competitive matches in the sci-fi looter shooter.

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