Gamers love to create memes, and with there being so many games, you can imagine that there are just as many memes – it’s hard to keep track. Pokémon is definitely not exempt from this treatment, and its 591st entry is back in the spotlight. What does this meme mean, though?

The Pokémon that occurs in the Pokédex at place 591 is called Amoonguss. You can most likely imagine what meme it then spawned when the popular game Among Us gained exponential traction back in 2020.

There is 1 ditto amoonguss from pokemon

The creature is of mushroom descent and found its way into the hearts of the Among Us players due to its elongated name, looking like someone speaking really excitedly about Among Us. The fandom also deemed the Pokémon to be sus, so in full, the Amoonguss is sus.

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Amoonguss debuted in 2011 in Pokémon: Black and White, which means it took a while for the little fungus to get some recognition.

The meme first came to prominence in 2020 but has seen a recent resurgence as tends to happen with memes. So, if you are encountering it for the first time, you now know where it comes from and what it memes… sorry, means.

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