Inazuma is a unique region with a rich history, and a revolution brewing beneath the ruler’s nose. The region is defined by duty-driven individuals who put the needs of the people over their own. Inazuma is a land of Electro users, with characters such as Raiden Shogun and Kuki Shinobu wielding the elusive element.

The Inazuma characters include Yoimiya, the enthusiastic fireworks specialist, and Arataki Itto, the leader of the rowdy Arataki Gang. Out of the 14 characters from Inazuma, which character’s personality resembles you and your friends? Come find out in our “Which Inazuma character are you?” quiz.

Which Inazuma character are you?

How do you see the world?
What is your preferred way to spend the evening?
What is your favorite local specialty?
Other than Inazuma, what is your favorite region?
If you could go on a vacation, where would you go?
What is a beverage you enjoy?
Pick the five-star character you like the most.


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