In Genshin Impact, Geo characters are the marrow of a team’s bones. They are resolute and driven, using shields to protect their allies in battle. Geo characters can be both the shield and the sword, switching between high damage numbers and team utility as needed. Come join us as we list the Geo characters that are worth leveling in Genshin Impact.

How does Geo work in Genshin Impact?

Geo is quite a unique element in Genshin Impact, since it only creates one type of Elemental Reaction. Although Geo reacts with Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo, it exclusively creates the Crystallize reaction.

  • Crystallize – Generates an elemental crystal depending on the element it was created with. When the crystal is picked up, it creates a shield for that respective element.

Geo characters are most effective as main DPS characters and shield generators. They frequently build DEF, and can take a hefty beating in battle.

Best Geo characters to level up in Genshin Impact

Arataki Itto

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When Itto is fully built, his attacks hit like a truck. Itto is an excellent main DPS character with the potential for massive damage. Since his attacks scale off DEF, he is frequently built as a high damage tank, and can take several hits in battle without flinching. Itto has a unique style of Charged Attacks that don’t consume any stamina, which feels more fluid and satisfying than other characters’ Charged Attacks. With frequent shielding and a playstyle that favors close combat, Itto is a powerhouse of a five-star who feels great to play.


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Noelle has a surprising amount of utility for a character in the starting banner of Genshin Impact. Noelle is a Claymore user who is generally built as a support, due to her capacity for healing and shielding the team. With her Breastplate ability, there is a chance that her Normal and Charged attacks will regenerate HP for all characters in the party. Even when she’s off the field but still in the party, she will create a shield for characters under 30% HP, saving them from potentially lethal blows. Noelle is an excellent support character who is easily accessible to new players.

Yun Jin

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Yun Jin is a four-star polearm user with a versatile and unprecedented ability set. She provides buffs to her team’s Normal Attacks, and these buffs scale off her DEF stat. She thrives in teams with completely different elements, as her buff is most effective when the team has no shared Elemental Types. Her playstyle is unlike other Geo characters, since she purely focuses the spotlight on her team members, rather than her own damage potential.


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When it comes to creating shields, Zhongli is a master of his craft. This five-star character’s shields have impressive scaling and reduce nearby opponents’ damage resistance by 20%. In addition to his support capabilities, Zhongli can deal massive damage if built as a physical damage DPS, so his versatility is unmatched. If you enjoy generating absurd shields and laughing at the enemies as they deal no damage to your health bar, then Zhongli is the character for you.

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