Scrolling through your game library can be intimidating to pick your next game. It’s hard to know if the game will be entertaining or if it will suit your preferences. Maybe you’re a rogue-like fan, but you’re tired of playing Cult of the Lamb, or you’re an RPG fan who’s burnt out from Monster Hunter. Nobody wants to buy a game they don’t enjoy. You could take a complete gamble, but you don’t want to be disappointed.

That’s where we come in. We’ve developed a quiz to help you decide which game genre you should try next. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, that’s totally fine. We also suggest three games from that genre that are great for beginners. Leave your frustration behind, and join us as we determine which game genre you should try next.

Which game genre should you try next?

When a game gives you freedom, what do you do first?
Do you prefer short games, or games that require commitment?
What is your current budget for games?
Do you like games with simple controls, or games with combos and complex mechanics?
A terrifying boss enemy looms over you. How do you respond?
What is your desired difficulty level?
Pick a famous video game character.


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