Coromon bears many similarities to the Pokémon series, but it has some key differences. One of these is the ability to choose your difficulty at the start of the game. This may leave you wondering what difficulty you should choose in Coromon.

If you are new to the monster-taming genre, we recommend selecting the Easy or Normal difficulty. Those looking for more of a challenge should choose Hard or Insane. If you enjoy Nuzlocke challenges, Insane is the closest to this in Coromon.

All difficulties explained in Coromon

Here are all the difficulties in Coromon. If you want to change your difficulty in the middle of playing, return to the computer where you choose your difficulty at the beginning of the game.


  • Coromon will fully restore their HP when they level up.
  • Shop items are 50 percent cheaper.
  • When one of your Coromon faints, you don’t need to use a special revive item, instead you can feed it any healing cake.


  • No extra rules, the standard experience.


  • If one of your Coromon faints, it will leave your squad; heeding the call of the wild, it returns to its habitat.
  • You can’t escape from any battles.


  • All rules from Hard difficulty.
  • You can’t use any recall items.
  • You may only catch one Coromon in each area using the LuxLure, if it faints you are out of luck.
  • You are free to capture any Perfect Coromon.

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