Whether you’re a newcomer to Overwatch, or a veteran in search of something new, it’s always fun to try out a new hero class in Overwatch 2. Each class offers its own unique playstyle, preventing the game from feeling stale over time. In this quiz, we will determine which class you should play next, depending on your personality and desired playstyle. Are you a selfless Tank, a strategic Support, or a Damage with impeccable aim? Come find out which class you should play in Overwatch 2.

Which class should you play in Overwatch 2?

Where do you prefer to be during a fight?
What is your favorite part of gaming?
How often do you use callouts while gaming?
Do you love being in the spotlight, or helping behind the scenes?
How confident are you with precise aiming?
How important is mobility to you?
Do you prefer to play as a team or go off on your own?


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