Choosing a class in Destiny 2 is the first, and most crucial, decision you make in the game. This choice grants you access into a worldwide community of either Hunters, Warlocks, or Titans. The members of each class regard one another as family, standing together on the battlefield with courage and familial love.

Each class is drastically different, and it can be intimidating to pick between the three classes. Hunters are swift and theatric, Warlocks are innovative and versatile, and Titans relish the moment when their fist meets their enemy’s face. Depending on your preferred playstyle, we can pair you with an ideal class. Come join us as we determine which Destiny 2 class suits you best.

Which class should you play in Destiny 2?

Do you enjoy making flashy plays?
Do you like having high mobility, able to jump high and run fast?
If you could choose one word to describe your playstyle, what would it be?
Do you prefer fighting against players or AI enemies?
Choose a quote that draws your attention.
What is your favorite style of armor?
You encounter a problem. How do you fix it?


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