Zenith: The Last City is Ramen VR’s MMORPG which features an expansive world for players to explore and discover. The player must defeat various monsters throughout the world using one of the classes available in Zenith: The Last City. This may leave players asking which class they should pick.

When creating your character, you are faced with picking the Blade Master or Essence Mage class. This is a choice between a melee-focused class or a spell-focused class. This is the most important choice when picking your class so you should pick which one you prefer as you cannot change this. Both are equally viable and fun.

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Once you have chosen your main class from one of the two, you can now choose your subclass from DPS, tank, or support. While this decision is important, players can swap between the subclasses. Each one alters how your main class plays by giving new skills. Try each one out before making a final decision.

Once you have your class selected, you are ready to battle monsters. Both the Sword Master and the Essence Mage provide thrilling combat and powerful abilities to use, so choose wisely!

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