Diablo Immortal is playable on PC and Mobile devices, and with many ways to play and many classes to choose from, players may have trouble getting started. Choosing a class can be difficult, but a great metric to go by is DPS output. This is a great way for new players to choose their class while easing into Diablo’s classic gameplay.

Best DPS Classes in Diablo Immortal

There are a few great DPS options in Diablo Immortal. Crusader and Demon Hunter take the lead when it comes to damage output as both classes can easily hold their own against hordes of enemies.


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The Crusader class can best the toughest enemies in the game with its Melee and AoE attacks. Crusaders are extremely versatile and can tank hits and deal damage at the same time. This class can also provide buffs to allies on the field using some of its great Abilities.

Crusaders are a good choice for players that want to have a jack of all trades character. Crusaders can take on most roles with their gameplay options and can be extremely handy in a tough combat situation.

Demon Hunter

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Demon Hunters are a bit more fast-paced than Crusaders, but offer the same high-damage gameplay and versatile Abilities. Dealing heavy damage is the main priority of the Demon Hunter, sometimes to its detriment. This class does not have as much mobility as others, but as long as players are dealing damage, Demon Hunters are a great choice.

This class may be better for players that are looking to play a more self-sustaining playstyle as Demon Hunters don’t have as much proficiency in buffing allies and teammates. Its ability to use Ranged and Physical attacks gives it nice variety in combat.

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