When a live service game is out for a long period of time, changes periodically happen to older designs. Genshin Impact is currently in the process of changing a number of designs to meet new censorship laws. This will affect other countries a bit differently due to MiHoYo owning Cognosphere.

Censorship laws have changed in MiHoYo’s home country, China, so they are redesigning certain characters to pass these new laws. The team is currently hard at work on making new designs and shared what is likely the first batch of designs with players using their social media platforms.

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These designs cover up Jean, Mona, Rosaria, and Amber, giving them a more conservative look. These are mandatory changes on the CN server, but all other servers will receive these alternative looks as skins. This will likely impact future character releases, merchandising, and other character designs within the game.

Players should expect characters like Raiden Shogun, Beidou, and Kokomi to have redesigns in the future. These skins will also likely be released in ver 2.5, but they could be released in a smaller patch in the next month due to the circumstances.

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