There is a lot of lore that goes into creating the world of Genshin Impact. The playable characters, in particular, have a lot of work and love put into their backgrounds. It shouldn’t be surprising that some of the characters are related, especially with the strange ways visions seem to choose their owners.

So far, every single region has shown that family relations can be tied to visions. We’ve put together a list below to show who is related and how.

Characters who are related in Genshin Impact

Mondstadt characters who are related:

  • Albedo and Durin: Brothers
  • Klee and Albedo: Adopted Siblings
  • Klee and Alice: Mother and Daughter
  • Eula and Schubert: Niece and Uncle
  • Jean and Barbara: Sisters
  • Diluc and Kaeya: Adopted Brothers
  • Diona and Draff: Father and Daughter

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Liyue characters who are related:

  • Baizhu and Qiqi: Adoptive Father and Daughter
  • Xiangling and Chef Mao: Father and Daughter
  • Tartaglia and Teucer: Brothers
  • Chongyun and Shenhe: Nephew and Aunt

Inazuma characters who are related:

  • Yoimiya and Ryuunosuke: Father and Daughter
  • Ai and Baal: Sisters
  • Ai and Scaramouche: Clone
  • Sara and Takayuki: Father and Daughter
  • Ayaka and Ayato: Siblings

There are strong family themes throughout the game, so the list of related characters will likely go on as new updates arrive for Genshin Impact.

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