Cozy Grove’s very first paid DLC is called New Neighbears, and it allows you to meet some new friends. Of course, the land on the island has already been spoken for by many of your current friends. In order to meet new ones, some of the bears you’ve grown close to will need to move on.

Here are the four bears that you will lose if you want to start New Neighbears DLC:

  • Retiree Bear
  • Scaredy Bear
  • Sunflower Bear
  • Wolf Bear

Luckily, Spryfox confirmed that you will see all four of these bears again, so don’t feel like this is a final goodbye.

How do I get the new bears in Cozy Grove: New Neighbears?

To get the new bears, you must complete the story of each bear that is going to be replaced. You can get each new bear one at a time as you complete your current resident’s story. To get them to leave, just select the You Look So Peaceful dialouge choice, and they will move on. Spryfox does state that it takes 60 days to complete each bear’s story.

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