In Week 13 of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite, one of our Epic Quests is to visit radar dish bases in a single match. While we have had to go to radar dishes several times for quests throughout the season, we’ve never had to visit so many at once. The guide below shows you the best method to complete this quest.

In the image below, we start our path at Destined Dish. This is because you can find a downed UFO right next to it that is very rarely picked up by other opponents. You’ll first want to enter the UFO marked with the red marker on the map and fly to the first Radar Dish Base marked next to it.

Path to visit 5 Radar Dish locations

Once you’ve done that, you can quickly complete this quest by following the path marked. The order in which you’ll fly to each dish and a brief description of their locations is are listed below.

  1. Destined Dish: Directly southeast of Misty Meadows, on the small mountain.
  2. Dampy Dish: Directly southwest of Slurpy Swamp, on the corner of the island.
  3. Defiant Dish: Directly south of The Aftermath (the purple area in the middle of the map.
  4. Dockside Dish: Directly west of Dirty Docks, next to Canoe Lake.
  5. Dinky Dish: Directly southeast of Craggy Cliffs, in the hilly area north of The Orchard.

Once you have flown to each of the locations above, the quest will be marked as complete. You don’t even need to get out of the UFO for it to register!

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