There are many quests and sidequests in Stray, some of which are required to complete the game. One of these is to track down the Outsiders, which includes Doc. To do this, you need Seamus’ help and the help of Doc’s tracker. Unfortunately, the item is broken and needs to be fixed. If you have explored, you may have found a Companion called Elliot and recalled his location. But if not, it may leave you wondering where to take the tracker in Stray to be fixed.

Where to take the broken tracker in Stray

Once you receive the broken tracker from Seamus, you must find someone who can fix it—this is Elliot. Head to Elliot’s programming and hand the robot the tracker.

To find Elliot’s programming, head towards the bar from the Guardian Companion, but go past it going left. In front of you will be stairs leading up. You want to go right and find the first red door on your right. Scratch on the door until a Companion opens it, and quickly head inside before the door is closed. Head up the starts and speak to the robot. Elliot will tell you that he can fix it but cannot do so because of his trembling and requests a blanket.

There is no blanket item in Stray, but there is the poncho. You must give this item to Elliot to stop the trembling and fix the tracker. This is required to progress in the story, so you must get your hands on the poncho.

How to get the poncho in Stray

To get the poncho in Stray, you must first trade the Super Spirit Detergent for the Electrical Cable with the Barterman. Take this item to Grandma’s Shop and trade it for the poncho. With the poncho in hand, you can return to Elliot and get the tracker fixed. Return to Seamus with the fixed tracker and track down Doc, his father.

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