Yarr! Loot and booty be the name of the game when it comes to sailing in the Sea of Thieves. But some of your ill-gotten gains might be trickier to sell than others. So, what is a scurvy-ridden pirate to do when they return from adventuring with a cargo hold of Gunpowder Barrels and miscellaneous crates?

Who Buys Crates and Gunpowder Barrels in Sea of Thieves?

Gunpowder Barrels can be sold to Merchant Alliance Senior Traders. They are at the docks of Outposts. The barrels will sell for gold and Merchant Alliance reputation (also bonus Emissary points, if sailing as a Merchant Alliance Emissary).

Crates are a bit more complicated, as there are roughly two dozen varieties of crates. Many can be sold to either the Merchant Alliance or Servant of Flame, depending on which faction you would like rep with.

Where to Sell Each Crate in Sea of Thieves

Merchant AllianceThe Servant of FlameThe Mysterious Stranger
Rag and Bone CratesRag and Bone CratesCrate of Legendary Voyages
Trade Good CratesCrate of Legendary Voyages
Crate of PlantsStorage Crate of the Damned
Cannonball CrateCrate of Ancient Bone Dust
Storage Crate of the DamnedCrate of Exotic Silks
Crate of Ancient Bone DustCrate of Precious Gemstones
Crate of Exotic SilksCrate of Rare Tea
Crate of Precious GemstonesCrate of the Dark Brethren
Crate of Rare TeaFruit Crate
Crate of the Dark BrethrenWood Crate
Crate of Rum BottlesCannonball Crate of the Damned
Crate of Luxurious ClothCrate of Extraordinary Minerals
Fruit CrateCrate of Volcanic Stone
Wood CrateCrate of Fine Ore
Cannonball Crate of the DamnedCrate fo Fine Sugar
Crate of Extraordinary MineralsCrate of Exquisite Spices
Crate of Volcanic Stone
Crate of Fine Ore
Crate of Fine Sugar
Crate of Exquisite Spices
Crate of Devil’s Plants
Crate of Devil’s Cloth
Firebomb Crate
Banana Crate

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