On May 25, Epic dropped a brand new set of questline for us to complete that seems to reveal a little more information about the story behind the game. The Foreshadowing Quests is a set of five challenges that net us a total of 120,000 XP once they’re all complete. In this guide, we cover how to complete one of the first ones: Repair Broken Telescopes.

Step One: Find a Telescope

One important note about this quest is that each telescope requires 20 metal to repair. This means that you can’t just land at the telescope and attempt to repair it; you’ll need to collect 20 metal first. Once you have done that, go to one of the locations shown on the map below to repair one of the five telescopes necessary to complete this quest.

All telescope locations in Fortnite.
  • #1: This telescope is located on the ledge overlooking the water southwest of Lockie’s Lighthouse.
  • #2: This telescope is on the ledge of the hill overlooking Craggy Cliffs, directly East of the town.
  • #3: This telescope is located across the river, directly South of Steamy Stacks. It is on the ledge overlooking the river to the West.
  • #4: This telescope is on the top of the mountain southeast of Retail Row.
  • #5: This telescope is directly west of Misty Meadows, on the large hill overlooking the town.
  • #6: This telescope is on the pointed hill northwest of the mansion on the western edge of the map.

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Step Two: Repair the Telescope

Repairing a broken telescope in Fortnite.

Once you are at one of the locations above (and have 20 metal), it’s time to repair the telescope, which is the easiest part of the quest. Simply walk up to the telescope and interact with it when your primary action button. Once you do, it will instantly repair the telescope, and it will add it to your quest log.

Once you have repaired five of the telescopes we listed above, the quest is complete! You’ll now be ready to move on to the next Foreshadowing Quest!

Video Guide

We also have a video guide to help you complete this quest! Check it out below!

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