With the new season came an entirely new set of NPCs, making it so Rifts can no longer be purchased in the same locations. Occasionally, players will receive quests that require them to find these NPCs and purchase a Rift, so we have provided the whole list of NPCs below.

All Rift NPCs

The map below marks the locations of the NPCs selling Rifts, but if you need more detail, refer to the directions below the map.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Tomato Head: In the restaurant on the south side of Greasy Grove.
  • Shanta: Near the set of three rocks by the ocean, in the southwest corner of the Island.
  • The Visitor: On the large triangle-shaped islet east of Sanctuary.

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When you have approached one of the NPCs listed above, you can purchase a rift by following these steps:

  1. Speak to the NPC: The default key for this on PC is E. On console, it is Square or X.
  2. Select Purchase Rift: A dialogue radial will pop up when you speak to the character. Select the option that looks like a rift and press the default interaction button to confirm the purchase.

You’ll automatically teleport high above your current position when you purchase the rift, so be ready!

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