One of the most challenging epic quests in Fortnite week 6 asks the players to plant saplings in any of the three places: Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, or FN Radio. However, unlike other points of interest in the game, these do not have a specified name on the map.

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These locations are based around specific places on the map which are hard to locate. Here is a map that showcases every area where the players can plant these saplings.

Here are the detailed descriptions for the places (Top to Bottom) so that the players can quickly locate them.

  • FN Radio: A popular location Fortnite Radio has the most accessible place to complete the challenge. The area is located at the north of the map on a hill. Players will have to look at the western side of the main building to find the saplings at a relatively close distance to each other.
  • Fork Knife Food Truck: The Fork Knife Food Truck is located near the roadside to the north of Lazy Lake point of interest. Players will have to look behind the Truck to find the three saplings and plant them.
  • Stumpy Ridge: The Stumpy Ridge is located on the south-eastern side of Weeping Woods point of interest. The site is very near to a road. Therefore, following the roadside should land the players in the right place. To identify this place, players look for chopped-down trees and if they notice an area with many trees with just bases, then that is the place. Two saplings will be on the ground level, and players can find the last one on a hill near the deforested area.

Players have to plant three saplings in any of these locations to complete the quest. After completing this epic quest, players will receive a whopping 30,000 XP which players can use to level up and earn new rewards in Fortnite.

If you’d like to use a video guide for this quest, check out the video shown below!

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