In Week 14 of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite, one of our Legendary Quests is to place warning signs throughout the island to warn the civilians of the event about to unfold between the aliens and Doctor Slone. In the previous season, we had to place warning signs about the alien crop circles in the final week of the season, so it’s interesting to see a similar quest this time around.

In the maps below, we show the locations in each town where you can place these warning signs. The three towns we’ll be looking at are Pleasant Park, Dirty Docks, and Misty Meadows. You can use the map to see the approximate location from overhead, or use the directions below the maps for further detail.

Misty Meadows

Warning sign locations in Misty Meadows c2s7w14
  • On the southwest corner of the picnic area attached to the clock tower on the west side of town.
  • In front of the deli on the south side of the fountain on the east side of town.
  • In front of the cafe on the north side of the street on the east side of town.

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Pleasant Park

Warning sign locations in Pleasant Park c2s7w14
  • On the sidewalk on the eastern side of the house in the northeast corner of town.
  • On the sidewalk across the road from the second house up from the southeastern corner of town.
  • Across the field from the warning sign listed above, next to the road on the other side of town.

Dirty Docks

Warning sign locations in Dirty Docks c2s7w14
  • Next to the forklift outside the building in the northwest section of the complex.
  • On the northeast corner of the building on the northern edge of the complex.
  • On the sidewalk east of the large building in the center of the complex.
  • On the sidewalk overlooking the ocean on the southern side of the complex.

You only need to place three warning signs, so you can complete this quest by visiting only one of the locations listed above. Due to their proximity to each other, Misty Meadows is probably the easiest location to complete this quest. When you’ve placed all three, the quest is marked as complete, and you’re ready for the next quest!

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