In Week 1 of the Season quests for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, we are given several assignments by The Scientist, who serves as our de-facto guide from The Seven. One of the quests we need to do for him is to pick up our next mission objective at Mighty Monument, the landmark location on the islet directly east of Sanctuary.

When we go there, we find that our objective is to place video cameras to catch whoever is vandalizing the monument. However, it doesn’t show where to put the camera on the map and leaves us to find each spot.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The markers in the image above show you where you can place the cameras and what the surrounding area looks like. However, the easiest way to find them is to just go to the west door and the east door for the building beneath the monument. They are both to the right of each door.

Once you have placed both video cameras (a task that should take less than 30 seconds), you have completed the quest! You’re ready to move on to the next quest from The Scientist.

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