Produce Boxes in Fortnite usually yield fruits and vegetables once you open them. Usually, they are located inside buildings. And this isn’t an exception when it comes to finding Produce Boxes at Condo Canyon or Sleepy Sound. The buildings in and around the two areas have a lot of Produce Boxes for you to loot.

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Here are maps showing you the exact location of the Produce Boxes at Condo Canyon and Sleepy Sound in Fortnite.

Condo Canyon

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The map above shows you all the potential locations for the Produce Boxes at Condo Canyon. As you can see, the Produce Boxes are pretty abundant in the area. Since they’re mostly located inside buildings, you need to watch your corners while opening one of these Produce Boxes.

Sleepy Sound

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Sleepy Sound has lesser Produce Boxes compared to Condo Canyon. The Produce Boxes that you will find here are also located inside the buildings mostly, so watching your corners here is important as well.

These fruits and vegetables that you get from the Produce Boxes can help restore your HP. Although they don’t restore a lot of HP, they can be effective when you run out of bandages or health packs. Good luck finding those boxes looper.

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