Where to Open Mission Kit, then Place a Jammer Outside the IO Base in One Match in Fortnite

We are now in Week 13 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, which means we are facing a new set of legendary challenges. One of the Legendary Challenges this week is to open the mission kit, then place a jammer outside the IO Base in a single match. This is a relatively simple quest, but completing both parts may prove difficult since this is a highly contested drop point at the beginning of a match.

The image below shows you an example of where you can find one of the Mission Kits, and where you can find all the jammer locations at Corny Complex. Dockside Dish is the closest radar dish to Corny Complex.

Jammer and Mission kit locations.

There are mission kits at every IO base and three Jammer locations around Corny Complex. You only need to interact with one of each to complete the quest. The easiest way to complete this quest is to open the mission kit at Dockside Dish, then snag an IO car at the base and drive it to Corny Complex. However, other players might have the same idea, so you might have to go to a different radar dish base to avoid confrontation.

If you can find the objects in the map above, you can use the following instructions for more detail.

  • Mission Kits
    • There is a mission kit at the foot of every radar dish on the map.
  • Jammers
    • Jammer #1 is on the western wall of the large blue house on the northern side of the area.
    • Jammer #2 is next to the windmill directly northwest of the large red barn in the center.
    • Jammer #3 is on the eastern edge of the cornfield directly south of the large red barn in the center.

Once you have interacted with one Mission Kit and one Jammer, the quest will be marked as complete! You are now ready to move on to the next quest.

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