Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 recently received the 19.40 update, and the Week 14 Seasonal Quests have been added to the game files. One of these challenges requires players to Hide in a dumpster at Tilted Towers and the Daily Bugle. 

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Dumpsters are located all around Tilted Towers and Daily Bugle. To hide in a dumpster, players simply need to walk up to it and press E to interact with it. Controller players will need to use the X or Square button. The Week 14 Seasonal Quests will be the last weekly challenges players have before the season ends.

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Tilted Tower is a hot-drop location, so players can expect nearly half of the lobby landing there to farm easy eliminations. You can choose to play smartly by collecting the essential loot first and then heading for a dumpster. Hiding in a dumpster will allow players to see everything that’s happening around their periphery. Make sure to jump out of the dumpster at the right time to catch nearby opponents off guard. Completing these challenges will fetch more XP and reward players with battle stars that can be used to unlock items from the battle pass.

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