In Soul Hackers 2, players start the game as Ringo, and they will eventually meet new characters to party up while progressing the game. Combat is the most important aspect of the game, and you will often run on low health while fighting the enemies. Players can heal through various methods in Soul Hackers 2. Purchase healing items, rest at the Safehouse, and use various abilities to heal your allies. Here’s everything you need to know about healing in Soul Hackers 2.

How to heal in Soul Hackers 2

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Players can heal at various locations in Soul Hackers 2 and even during a fight. Visit the Safehouse and Rest there to restore your team’s health. Your party will fully recover HP and MP after resting at the Safehouse. Similarly, purchase various Expendables and allot these to specific characters to heal them. Setting up your party with support spells that can heal allies is ideal.

  • Medicine: 500 Yen (purchase from De La Mancha in Karakucho)
  • Recarm Cigarette: 6,000 Yen (purchase from De La Mancha in Karakucho)
  • Lourdes Water: 1,500 Yen (purchase from De La Mancha in Karakucho)
  • Chakra Powder: 5000 Yen (purchase from De La Mancha in Karakucho)
  • Bead Shard: 4000 Yen (purchase from Yang Yang Palace at Mansei Realm)
  • Revival Bead: 4000 Yen (purchase from Yang Yang Palace at Mansei Realm)
  • Chakra Bean: 4000 Yen (purchase from Yang Yang Palace at Mansei Realm)
  • Chakra Drop: 4000 Yen (purchase from Yang Yang Palace at Mansei Realm)

Select the Items option in the menu section to see all the Expendables you have in the inventory. After selecting the healing item, players need to choose the character they want to heal. The following list features several healing items players can purchase early on. There are various other healing items that players will get to unlock by progressing through the game.

Use healing items during fights

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In a fight, you will be able to access the healing items, and it’s essential to keep your allies at full health. Select the Items option, and scroll to the healing item you want to use, and assign it to the ally that needs healing. Similarly, some characters will have certain healing abilities like Ringo’s Dia skill. This skill gives a slight HP recovery for one ally. You can check which of the demons have healing spells, and keep them on the party.

Restore health at the Safehouse

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Another way to heal your entire party is by visiting the Safehouse and choosing the Rest option. This will fully recover your allies HP and MP. Make sure to always select the Rest option while at the Safehouse before exploring areas filled with enemies. These are some of the methods players can use to heal in Soul Hackers 2.

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