In the beginning of Kitaria Fables, players might notice that they are stationed on a farm. On the farm is a crop field, some target dummies, your house, and a locked chest. As you progress through the first couple days in-game, you are given tasks that send you to different locations, but come to a stop when you are given a task to farm vegetables in the field next to your house.

This is difficult, since you don’t actually have the tools to farm vegetables, and the tutorial doesn’t make it obvious where you need to get them. Luckily, there is a simple answer.

Where to get Tools

Getting tools in Kitaria Fables

That locked chest that is on your farm will become unlocked when you receive the task to start a farm from Kiki. Inside that chest are the tools you need to complete the task, as well as some tools you can use to harvest other resources like trees and stone. Go up to the chest in your field and open it to get transfer the tools to your inventory.

How to Equip Tools

Equipping an axe in Kitaria Fables

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Once you have the tools in your inventory, you’re faced with another challenge: equipping them. You can only equip one item at a time between tools, weapons, etc. If you want to use a hoe, you need to have it in your active inventory slot instead of your sword. An example of this can be seen in the image above. To equip the tool, follow one of the two options below.

  • Press the button assigned to automatically equip an item (blue square above).
  • Move the cursor/select the box with the tool you want, select it, then move the cursor/select the box you want to move it to and select it again (green and red boxes above)
Using a hotkey in Kitaria FAbles

The task may seem arduous, but there is an alternative method to access some of your weapons faster. In the image above, you can see that you can apply a shortcut to your gear in the last four hotkey slots (the first four are reserved for abilities). Press the button that it shows you to equip it to a shortcut (green square), then press the key you’d like to equip it to (image on the right). With those four slots, if you ever need a tool or a weapon quickly, you can pull it out by pressing its hotkey without having to go into your inventory!

All things considered, the inventory management for the game is a bit clunky. Still, that’s where you get the tools and how to equip them!

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