Tunic features a mysterious and colorful world for you to explore as a small fox. You will uncover various secrets, solve puzzles, and fight monsters on your journey. The key to defeating these monsters is a good weapon, which may leave you wondering where to find the sword in Tunic.

You can find the sword in Tunic at the Hero’s Grave in the East Forest. There are numerous signs pointing you toward the East Forest where the sword is located. Follow these until you find this location and the sword.

How to get the sword in Tunic

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To get the sword in Tunic, you must go to the East Forest and find the Hero’s Grave. This means battling through the monsters in the way with your stick. Once you reach the Hero’s Grave, approach the sword by going around the bushes. Then just interact with the sword to pick it up.

Make sure to open your inventory and equip it. Once you have the sword equipped, you are ready to wield this dangerous weapon and take on the monsters of Tunic.

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