2020’s Starlight Celebration in Final Fantasy XIV offered players to unlock a cute Snowman mount to get in the spirit of the season. Unfortunately, those who missed the event could not add this cute little frozen mount to their collection. Thankfully, Square Enix has made the Snowman available again, and here’s how you can snag the Snowman mount.

Players can purchase the Snowman mount for $12 on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. It may take up to 24 hours for your online purchases to be delivered. Once the item is delivered, players will notice a letter icon in the top right corner of their screen. Listen for a ping when you’re in-game because this often indicates the delivery of items. Head over to the nearest Delivery Moogle to acquire the Snowman Bell. Delivery Moogles reside in most of the game’s safe zones, so keep your eyes out for this adorable critter in any of Final Fantasy XIV’s cities:

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Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Head to your inventory and use the Snowman Bell to add the mount to your collection. Now, you can travel around Eorzea spreading holiday cheer!

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