Tunic is an action-adventure game starring a fox on a mysterious journey. No journey is complete without a trusty sword and shield, but you will find that you are lacking both at the start of the game. It won’t take long to find the sword, but this may leave you wondering where to find the shield in Tunic.

You can find the shield in Tunic in the Old House. This is located to the left of the first statue you encounter, but you cannot reach it without the sword and the key to the Old House. Once you gain entry, you can get the shield in Tunic.

How to get the shield in Tunic

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To get the shield in Tunic, you need to get the key to the Old House. Once you are inside the Old House, grab the chest and continue toward the open door in the back of the house. This leads to a tunnel. Take the right path and follow it all the way to a chamber containing the shield.

The shield can be pulled up with RT. This is useful for blocking enemy attacks and giving you a moment to think against multiple enemies. Plus, it completes the heroic look of sword and shield!

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