There are numerous secrets to discover and areas to explore in the action-adventure game Tunic. You take control of a small fox exploring a massive and mysterious world. But along the way, you may discover locked doors such as the door to the Old House. You might be wondering how to open the Old House door.

To open the Old House’s door, you will need to find the Old House key. This key will open the door and the path to the Old House. Here is where to find the Old House key in Tunic.

How to get the Old House key in Tunic

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The Old House key is located to the south of the Old House. A green-cloaked spear enemy is standing directly on the key. You have a couple of options for getting the key, but the easiest is to throw a firebomb at this enemy and kill them.

You can actually grab the key without killing the enemy, but you will need to have full health; otherwise, you will die. Wait for it to attack you and dodge on top of the key. Then, quickly grab it and dodge away. You will most likely get hit once, but you can snag the key without actually killing the enemy.

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