Throughout your adventure in Tunic, you will face various threats and challenges. To overcome these, you will need to use different items. These include your sword, shield, and more. One item that comes in handy is the lantern. This may leave you wondering where to find the lantern in Tunic.

You can find the lantern in Tunic near the West Belltower. But you can only get to it by passing Beneath the Well. This is an area that is accessed by going beneath the well. The entrance can be found behind the windmill.

How to get the lantern in Tunic

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To get the lantern in Tunic, you must go Beneath the Well and continue through the area. Eventually, you will make your way to an exit that leads you under the West Belltower. Continue down this path, and you will find the lantern in a glowing purple room.

Beneath the Well is filled with enemies, including guards, slimes, and even giant tentacles in the water. Make your way through carefully to claim the lantern. This item will provide light and illuminate dark areas that you otherwise could not see in.

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