There are numerous secrets to discover and areas to explore in the action-adventure game Tunic. You take control of a small fox exploring a massive and mysterious world. But along the way, you may discover locked doors such as the door to the Hero’s Grave. You might be wondering how to open the Hero’s Grave door.

To open the Hero’s Grave door, you will need to find the Hero’s Grave key. This key will open the door and the path to the Hero’s Grave. Here is where to find the Hero’s Grave key in Tunic.

How to get the Hero’s Grave key in Tunic

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Fortunately, the Hero’s Grave key is not far from the locked door. Make your way north of the locked door and up the stairs. Defeat or avoid the enemies in the way until you come to the statue. Take a left and cross the wooden bridge. You will find the Hero’s Grave key on the ground.

Return to the locked door leading to the Hero’s Grave and insert the key. This will unlock the door, open it, and allow you to continue on your journey.

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