One of the easiest quests for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 6 is to get Slone’s Orders by using any Payphone on the map. Players should be already accustomed to this starting legendary challenge as it is the same as in Week 3. It seems Slone has another new mission for the players. Players will have a cakewalk to get 15,000 XP by just receiving the call at any Payphone location in the game.

Where are the Payphones in Fortnite?

Players can find payphones all over the island and they are typically located at the start/end of a point of interest in Fortnite. They give out challenges to the players, which can be completed throughout the match. These challenges provide gold that can be used for other purposes like hiring NPCs, buying meds and even purchasing exotic weapons.

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Players can visit any payphone location to complete this legendary quest. Here is a map to help the players to look for different payphone locations on the Fortnite map.

After reaching the payphone, players should hear the payphone ringing as they move closer to the machine. After attending the call from Slone, make sure to complete the dialogue till the very end to know about her mission. When she’s done giving the players direction, they can leave the payphone and focus on the next legendary quests.

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